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Shipping Company Equinox - orangkontraktor - 10-15-2020

Our team of dedicated Equinox Ship management professionals ensures that vessels in our care, be it owned or managed are operated in a Safe, Reliable, and Efficient manner as per our SMS and Principals’ instructions. We place great emphasis on the relationship and constant communication with our Principals to ensure we give them and their assets the best service possible. We monitor the vessel's performance through regular reporting from the ships by using the latest technology and frequent onboard inspections. We ensure the Principals get the best value from their assets by ensuring they are maintained, surveyed, and audited in compliance with flag state and international legislations. Our Planned Maintenance System allows for cost-effective planning of maintenance and purchasing of spares to avoid unnecessary off-hire and claims. Our worldwide purchasing network is ideally placed to maximize the leverage of our buying power to obtain significant discounts for our Principals.  Equinox ship management also provides bulk carrier, LNG ship management, tanker, and commercial services.